Oracle Card Magic - Trust Your Intuition and Find Creative Solutions With Oracle Cards


Oracle Cards are a fascinating way to bridge the gap between logic and intuition.  They can help draw out the playful and creative parts of your mind to listen to your intuition (THE FIRST TIME!) and to find creative solutions to your problems.  

The course includes:

  • choosing and setting up a deck to get the most accurate answers
  • the different ways intuition communicates and how yours does so you can feel confident in using it
  • the differences between intuition and psychic ability and identifying yours
  • reconnecting to imagination and creativity with your inner child to open the possibilities for creative solutions
  • spreads to use for different issues and problems and how to choose them to get the answers you want
  • overcoming common blocks to using the cards and your intuition so you can develop confidence
  • plus creative ways to use oracle cards in different areas of your life

Plus you'll get activities and hypnosis meditation tracks to clear blocks and sharpen your intuition and self-belief and help you step more and more into that lighter, creative and playful vibe. 

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Introduction - Choosing and Setting up Your Deck

4 Lessons

Let's begin with the basics. 

Here you'll find lessons on :

  • What oracle cards are and how they're different from tarot cards
  • Choosing your deck 
  • setting up your deck for more accuracy and synchronicity (and magic!)


Get To Know Your Intuition (COMING SOON!)

1 Lessons

Reconnect to your Imagination and Creativity (COMING SOON!)

1 Lessons

Intuition and Psychic Ability (COMING SOON!)

1 Lessons

Spreads and Questions To Use (COMING SOON!)

2 Lessons

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