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Active imagination is the term Carl Jung used for how to talk to the unconscious mind.  Over the years, my 1-1 sessions developed into journeys of active imagination.  These were where I was hearing the best feedback from clients and having more fun in the sessions.  

My active imagination healing 1-1 sessions are a fun and creative way to tap into your own natural healing abilities.  Using your visualisation skills and imagination, we get your subconscious to create characters that represent blocks and problems you have going on at a deep level.  Then I guide you through dialogues, changes and releases to get you feeling how you want to feel.  

They can help with relationship issues, feeling stuck, feeling uninspired and feeling off balance.  

Just set your intention for what you want, open your mind and let's make the active imagination magic happen! 

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Simple go to this link to book your appointment at a time that suits you.  

Pick your timezone and then select a day and time that works for you.  There's a form to fill in so I know we can get straight to the issue in your 90 minute session. 


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