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Private 1-1 Sessions can take you away from a range of problems and towards not only solutions, but also stepping into your innate creative power to build the life of your dreams.  Along the way, you'll develop a deeper understanding of your own mind and how to be in control of it to give you a deeper sense of peace and freedom.   

Hypnotherapy can help find and change the root cause of anxiety, depression, weight management issues, lack of self-esteem and confidence, relationship issues and can help with physical ailments.  

I'm trained in advanced hypnotherapy techniques, which means interacting with your subconscious mind rather than reading scripts to you alone.  You stay in full control throughout each session.  

The sessions are tailor-made to your needs.  Based on hypnotherapy with a touch of spiritual wisdom, we'll work deep in your subconscious mind to clear the issues creating problems and blocking your dreams from the root.  Along the way, you'll gain a deeper spiritual understanding of the life you've been living up until now.  You'll be left with a deeper sense of peace and empowerment. 

The price is for a package of 5 sessions (of 2 hours each) plus an initial consultation. If you have any questions or queries or would like to book a free consultation first, please contact me at jacqui@jacquimcginn.com  

Special introductory offer: 40% off a 5 session package (5 x 2hour sessions) for the first 20 clients.  Enter the discount code "Intro". 




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Welcome to your 1-1 session package with me.  To help you get the best from your sessions, you'll find extra resources here to help you.  

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