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Welcome to my subscriber hub!  I'm so pleased you've joined me.

Here you'll find freebies to help you experience deep peace in your life - whatever is happening or has happened.  

You'll find: 

  • a hypnosis and angelic energy healing meditation to help you feel peaceful and bring back a lost piece of yourself.  This meditation will help you feel more at peace and increase a sense of relaxation and wellbeing
  • a pdf guide to lessons in peace from controlling and narcissistic relationships.  These 3 lessons show you how controlling and narcissistic people bring advanced spiritual lessons to help you be more and cultivate deep inner peace. My intention is to shine a light of hope for a better future for you and to empower you with a spiritual take on what happened. 
  • a little quiz about some of the unusual stuff I've done so you can get to know a bit more about me :) 
  • PLUS if you get 6 EP, you unlock a mini-course to help you explore the 3 spiritual lessons that controlling and narcissistic lessons help you learn, so that you can apply them in your life now.  

Along the way, there are interactive questions for you to reflect on the resources.  Do give these a try as it will help you make the most of them and apply them in your life more. 

With peace

Jacqui xxx

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A Piece of Peace Deep Meditation

1 Lessons

Designed to deeply relax you and welcome a greater sense of peace and wellbeing, this deep meditation uses hypnotic processes to take you deep into relaxation.  You'll enter a healing sanctuary where Archangel Raphael will send healing to each of your main chakras to improve your sense of peace and wellbeing. 

Then you'll welcome back a piece of yourself that you've lost. It could be something like courage, creativity, love or even anger - whatever your mind feels you need back to bring you peace. 

Why not come back and use this meditation after doing the mini-course to help you apply your learning? 

Deep Peace Lessons From Controlling Relationships

1 Lessons

Free PDF guide to help you feel more optimistic and hopeful about your experiences.  

There's no doubt that controlling and narcissistic relationship are a challenge to our inner peace.  And yet many people on the spiritual path encounter them.  These 3 spiritual lessons are advanced lessons in love that the universe knew you could handle when you entered into the relationship.  

PS - when you get 6 EP on your account, you'll unlock the mini-course that comes with this guide!  

Pieces to Peace Interviews

2 Lessons

Here's you'll find interviews I've done with professionals to help bring peace and understanding to all kinds of areas in your life. 


Get to know Jacqui

1 Lessons

Here are a few fun multiple choice questions to help you get to know a little more about the unique world of Jacqui McGinn!  

Click on through to the other side... 

Deep Peace Mini Course To Apply the Lessons in Your Freebie

3 Lessons

This is a mini-course to help you apply those 3 spiritual lessons from narcissistic and controlling relationships in your actual life now.  Spiritual wisdom is so much better when it's actually lived, rather than just read about.  That's where the real magic is.

As a qualified teacher, I can tell you that embodied, experienced learning is so much stronger and deeper than just reading about something and I'm sure you've experienced that too. 

So, let's dive in... 



Book A Discovery Call

1 Lessons


Are you resonating already with what I'm sharing with you?  That makes me so happy! 

I would absolutely LOVE to chat with you and show you how we can create deep peace and deep freedom in your life. 

Simply click through to book a discovery session with me...  

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