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Welcome to my subscriber hub!  I'm so pleased you've joined me.

Here you'll find freebies to help you experience deep peace in your life - whatever is happening or has happened.  

You'll find: 

  • a hypnosis and angelic energy healing meditation to help you feel peaceful and bring back a lost piece of yourself.  This meditation will help you feel more at peace and increase a sense of relaxation and wellbeing
  • a pdf guide to lessons in peace from controlling and narcissistic relationships.  These 3 lessons show you how controlling and narcissistic people bring advanced spiritual lessons to help you be more and cultivate deep inner peace. My intention is to shine a light of hope for a better future for you and to empower you with a spiritual take on what happened. 
  • a little quiz about some of the unusual stuff I've done so you can get to know a bit more about me :) 

Along the way, there are interactive questions for you to reflect on the resources.  Do give these a try as it will help you make the most of them and apply them in your life more. 

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1-1 Active Imagination Healing Sessions

"a really safe, trusted space"

Active imagination is the term Carl Jung used for how to talk to the unconscious mind.  Over the years, my 1-1 sessions developed into journeys of active imagination.  These were where I was hearing the best feedback from clients and having more fun in the sessions.  

My active imagination healing 1-1 sessions are a fun and creative way to tap into your own natural healing abilities.  Using your visualisation skills and imagination, we get your subconscious to create characters that represent blocks and problems you have going on at a deep level.  Then I guide you through dialogues, changes and releases to get you feeling how you want to feel.  

They can help with relationship issues, feeling stuck, feeling uninspired and feeling off balance.  

Just set your intention for what you want, open your mind and let's make the active imagination magic happen! 

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1-1 Hypnotherapy 5 Session Programme


Private 1-1 Sessions can take you away from a range of problems and towards not only solutions, but also stepping into your innate creative power to build the life of your dreams.  Along the way, you'll develop a deeper understanding of your own mind and how to be in control of it to give you a deeper sense of peace and freedom.   

Hypnotherapy can help find and change the root cause of anxiety, depression, weight management issues, lack of self-esteem and confidence, relationship issues and can help with physical ailments.  

I'm trained in advanced hypnotherapy techniques, which means interacting with your subconscious mind rather than reading scripts to you alone.  You stay in full control throughout each session.  

The sessions are tailor-made to your needs.  Based on hypnotherapy with a touch of spiritual wisdom, we'll work deep in your subconscious mind to clear the issues creating problems and blocking your dreams from the root.  Along the way, you'll gain a deeper spiritual understanding of the life you've been living up until now.  You'll be left with a deeper sense of peace and empowerment. 

The price is for a package of 5 online sessions (of 2 hours each) plus an initial consultation. If you have any questions or queries or would like to book a free consultation first, please contact me at jacqui@jacquimcginn.com  

Special introductory offer: 40% off a 5 session package (5 x 2hour sessions) for the first 20 clients.  Enter the discount code "Intro". 


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Deep Peace - Finding Peace After Controlling & Narcissistic Relationships

Deep energy healing, coaching and hypnotherapy programme for empaths, psychics and healer who want deep peace but feel blocked by the scars left by controlling or narcissistic relationships. 

Controlling and narcissistic relationships are crazy-making experiences that take you to the very edge of sanity - wondering if you're actually OK.  With few people around to validate your experience, you can end up feeling deeply alone and isolated.  

The exact kind of person who stays too long around controlling, narcissistic people is the person who sees the good in them and sees their potential.  But when that positive thinking is at the expense of your peace and sanity, it leaves mental and emotional scars that need an experienced hand to heal.  

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Oracle Card Magic - Trust Your Intuition and Find Creative Solutions With Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards are a fascinating way to bridge the gap between logic and intuition.  They can help draw out the playful and creative parts of your mind to listen to your intuition (THE FIRST TIME!) and to find creative solutions to your problems.  

The course includes:

  • choosing and setting up a deck to get the most accurate answers
  • the different ways intuition communicates and how yours does so you can feel confident in using it
  • the differences between intuition and psychic ability and identifying yours
  • reconnecting to imagination and creativity with your inner child to open the possibilities for creative solutions
  • spreads to use for different issues and problems and how to choose them to get the answers you want
  • overcoming common blocks to using the cards and your intuition so you can develop confidence
  • plus creative ways to use oracle cards in different areas of your life

Plus you'll get activities and hypnosis meditation tracks to clear blocks and sharpen your intuition and self-belief and help you step more and more into that lighter, creative and playful vibe. 

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